Friday, 28 September 2012

Some Work

Portrait of Viv from fancy dress life drawing on Wednesday
A small selection of things that I've done this week, none are particularly good but it's not a bad start. I really need to have more conviction with line and not rely on oil pastels and a chisel posca because although they feel right at the moment, my drawing is not really improving. I really enjoyed the films that we watched in the Thursday "Secret Cinema" drawing session (Virgil Widrich's 'Copy Shop' (2001) was particularly impressive) although I struggled to draw super quickly especially when challenged with a longer and very narrow piece of paper. On Monday I'll have to get photos of the rest of what I've done so far as there's no point in doing the work unless I can easily track what is and isn't working, practicing drawing hands is a biggie for me at the moment, just look at the bottom image and you'll see what I mean.

Drawing from 'The Girl Chewing Gum' directed by John Smith in 1976
Drawing from Viv posing pre-costume on Wednesday

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tsunami Appeal at Designers Block Opening

3 of 6 Screen Printed Cards by Benjamin Phillips and Soju Tanaka
Some things that I picked up as part of a 7 for £5 super deal (in addition to the two issues of Okido). I'm struggling to find who the two prints are by but I will have another look soon. I particularly like the above postcards, the contrast in drawing technique works excellently.

Benjamin Phillips Postcard

Soju Tanaka Zine (and business cards)

Rose Blake x Nobrow Small Press

As someone who is both terrified of and despises pigeons, it was nice to see them reduced to silliness in the screen printed (I think) book. Rose Blake is somebody who I constantly find myself going back to, her use of colour and selective detail will never be unappealing to me.

I've been wanting to have a look at this pretty much since it was first released however I couldn't afford to buy it and then it disappear due to it being a limited run of 50 so naturally I was thrilled to find it hidden away in the library, slipped between some anthologies. 

Below are some more pages from the book. Please excuse the darkness of the photos, they were taken just as I woke up this morning.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Okido/ Rachel Ortas

At the Designers Block opening, there was a stall raising money for the Japan Tsunami appeal. The stall was ridiculously good in that it was selling a wide variety of prints, postcards, back issues of magazines and other things like totes and badges under the offer of £1 per item or £5 for 7. The first thing that I am going to show are two issues of Okido that I picked up within this. I've always wanted to pick this magazine up but soemthing has stopped me, maybe the thought of being a 20 year old "woman" (I say that with a pinch of salt I am very childish) buying a children's magazine has put me off. ANYWAY, seeing as this was such a good deal I couldn't not do it, especially with the prevalence of Rachel Ortas within Okido who has been somebody that I've gone back to again and again with her printed goods; mainly for cards but also with zines which are beautifully crafted and very playful. There are more posts coming up on what I managed to grab from the charity stall so keep your eyes peeled.

Below are two pages from issues 13 and 18.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Wrap #5

Bit of a picture heavy post but I thought I'd share some spreads from the Summer 2012 issue of Wrap that I picked up at the Southbank Centre shop the other day. The basic premise is that it features double sided wrapping paper sheets within the magazine, designed by those who have been featured within the issue. Whilst I've nosed through it before, I've never actually bought it but this time my clammy mitts couldn't resist. Below are some more pictures of the contents. It features some old favourites including Sophie Alda, Charlotte Trounce and Paul Blow with a couple that had slipped past me previously such as cover artist, Katie Scott. It's so encouraging to see young illustrators working on such well formed projects. I fear it'll be difficult not to want to use the wrapping paper as posters but the fear of ruining the magazine is too great.

Liberty 'Harry James Jungle'

I was lucky enough to find an off-cut of this lovely jungle print cotton in amongst all of the more classic florals in the "bargain" bin at Liberty. It's huge! Hopefully I'll be able to make something worthwhile out of it soon. The contrast of the cool blues with the poppy oranges feels so fresh when combined with the quite fine black line of the illustrations.

Liberty always makes me feel nuts, it shouldn't be allowed to house so many ridiculously excellent things. I also picked up a letterpress postcard for my sister's birthday, the quality of the board it's printed on made me weep although I doubt that she'll appreciate that. 

Library #1

Yesterday I took my first trip to the university library. I'm planning on going once every 10 days on top of any course related books that I might need. 

Designers Block

Yesterday evening, Vivien and I were lucky enough to stumble across the opening of Designers Block, part of the London Design Festival situated at the Southbank Centre which just so happens to be one of my favourite places (a close second to Barbican). I'll post a more in depth summary of what happened tomorrow but I thought I'd share this photo that I quickly snapped on my phone just before we squirreled our way inside thanks to a kindly and very generous New Zealander with two spare tickets and excellent cobalt eyeliner.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Self Portrait

I tried to find some photos where my pants weren't visible but it was a bit difficult.

10 things:
I like snacks
I like wriggly thick graphite
I like naps
I like that my cactus hasn't died yet
I like being rubbish at sports
I like not making any noise
I like being cold
I like cutting my fringe badly
I like packet pants
I like making pointless spreadsheets

I will not miss: 
I will not miss the consistently late number 25 bus
I will not miss the sun waking me up at 5am
I will not miss bumping into people from secondary school
I will not miss the man with the remote control car
I will not miss being told to eat more salad
I will not miss being made to watch Eastenders

Burns/ Clowes/ Seth/ Ware


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Nina Cosford

Museums for Kids Project- Museum of London
Development work for Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine

Jockum Nordstrom

Down The Road, 2009

A Necessary Rest in the Auditorium, 2001

The Drawing Office, 2001

Taken from here
Swedish, uses collage, like boxy buildings- I don't think I could say anymore, I think these were made for me. Definitely looking forward to his exhibition at Camden Arts Centre next summer.

(First three images taken from

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Nokia Image Makers

I recently found this film made by Nokia featuring two of my favourite newer illustrators- Nina Cosford and Hannah Rowlands. Both are graduates from Kingston. I love that they both have a more naive and playful style, Cosford's being perhaps more traditional where Rowland's feels more defiantly girly. It is this sort of illustrator that I would like to develop into, one who is self aware but isn't afraid to share ideas that might be deemed too feminine. Below are some examples of their work. I think I am going to do a more in-depth post about Nina Cosford because I'm really excited by her work at the moment whereas I've been following Hannah Rowlands for a longer period of time and feel like she's already cemented in my brain.

P.S. It's comforting to know that I have the girls-who-likes-drawing-club hairstyle of a bob with a fringe, maybe it's a coincidence but it makes me feel like I can grow into what I would like to become. That was a bit sick bucket worthy.
Hannah Rowlands, taken from 'Sketchbook' section of her website

Alex Katz

The Blue Umbrella by Alex Katz
This is a pretty rubbishy photobooth picture of my bad photocopy of Alex Katz's 'The Blue Umbrella', which is a painting that I like very much. Katz's painting, specifically his portraits, appeal to me because of the happy nature of his subjects. I also like that the images are not hyper realistic, they convey much more about the individuals' personalities than a piece of photographic quality.

I really wish I could go to St Ives for this. Unfortunately Nottingham is (exactly, I checked) 327 miles away from Tate St Ives, which might explain why me and my sister got so restless during the drives to and from cornish holidays. Maybe I will have to try to somehow get down there before it closes on 23rd September when it is not quite so far away. 

Below is a mini-doc made by Tate, showing Katz's studio.