Monday, 15 October 2012

Location Drawing 3: Natural History

For Friday's location drawing session, we were told to choose our own place of interest. I didn't want to go to somewhere that I already knew I liked drawing in, rather the opposite. After a previously disastrous drawing trip to the Natural History Museum, I decided to go there after Viv had already decided to go there to finish up her self-directed project, specifically for the fish/ sea life sections. This led me to look at a subject that has previously not crossed my mind which made it a lot easier to actually look at what I was drawing. Not everything was successful but I'm pleased with the sketchbook as a whole. Now I'm just desperately worried about life drawing and animation this week! 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Location Drawing 2

Last week's location was Borough Market, I've been before but it was great to look at it from the perspective of needing to draw things. Here are (some of) more successful pages from the day, I'm most pleased with the first and last pages featured below. Hand bound sketchbooks are great for drawing in locations where you aren't quite sure what you're going to want to include and offer a more flexible drawing space than my usual A3 Seawhite sketchbooks. I forgot how fun layered drawings are so I'll definitely be stocking up on tracing paper ready for next week.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Modern Publicity 39, 1969-70

'Modern Publicity' is a series that I came across recently in the university library. It chronicles a selection of 'the best' packaging, posters, trademarks, television titles etc from across the globe in a given year. I randomly picked out the 1969-70 edition to see what it contained and was pleasantly surprised. Many of the designs and layouts still feel very modern and there is an overall feeling of freshness to each image. Below are a few of my favourite bits from the book, I'll definitely be looking at more issues when I've finally worked my way through the massive pile of books that I brought with me and have not quite started reading yet.

Location Drawing 1

Some (very badly photographed) drawings from the British Museum on Friday. I've missed location drawing and it was nice to not have a specific time frame to work within.