Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Get out of the way Zayn/ a messy post

I am feeling a bit groggy because of my uterus today so here are some things that have happened recently/ that I am enjoying so that I don't just complain graphically about the texture of things rapidly exiting my body. Obviously I am in no fit state to be coherent so please enjoy a random hodge podge of brightly coloured/ silly things that I've been ogling in the last few weeks/ days/ mins in the style of a blog from 2009 not the super polished 2016.

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Vitas- 7th Element

This song has sort of taken over recently. I'm not sure how it has managed to slip through the net for so long. I really like his outfit, the lights, the dancers, his facial expressions, the repetitiveness of the song, the routine... Vitas is also helping me to gear up for Eurovision.

 u make me crazy wen u act so kool 

I have just ordered an iPhone case with this picture of Wham! that I stole from Google images. If I wanted to rationalise this, I could say that George and Andrew have provided a musical backdrop for everything in the maternal side of my parentage- holidays, decorating, trips to Ikea and then further through into my fave online formed friendship with Kate. What was actually happening when I found this pic was that I was trying to find a good Pierre et Gilles pic but there weren't any in a high enough resolution to warrant being plastered on to my phone any time soon so I 'settled' for this instead.

Jonathan Meades

Bunkers, Brutalism and Bloody Mindedness is doing the rounds on iPlayer again. It is good news, mainly because I forgot how good it was and also because I have watched 100% of the Andrew Graham Dixon docs available on the internet and I don't think I can warrant watching him and Giorgio Locatelli gorge their way around Italy for the fifth time just yet. 

The style of this series always gets me, the delivery matches the visual unapologetically. When I saw JM speak both at the Barbican and Royal Festival Hall a couple of years ago, he didn't stray too far from this very direct way of delivering his thoughts. It also makes a change to experience a programme which doesn't feel at all dumbed down. Meades never assumes that the viewer is an incapable tool and because of this, you never feel like he's leaving out vast swathes of opinion or fact in order to make himself more palatable to the general viewing public.

Count Buckules's Podcast

Adam Buxton's podcast is the only one I listen to, mainly because I am still in mourning over the Adam & Joe show ending. The last episode featuring Sara Pascoe was especially good so here is a link to it.
Kinder Eggs

I'll stop waffling like an idiot now and leave you with my latest Kinder Surprise obsession. I will only say that I've never seen Star Wars (:-0) but the idea of heads sandwiched onto spacecraft really made me laugh so here is a photo of the leaflet that came with my Han Solo dangly thing. 

-bye pals-